Labour/Childbirth. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

If you’ve clicked this post then you must be interested in labour/childbirth, maybe because your due to go through it soon, your curious or just plain weird. Either way you’re here now, that’s all that matters. Before I start I’d just like to say this post is based on my experience of labour/childbirth! Everyone’s is different and no two are the same so don’t feel the need to finish this post by crying because it’s not always that bad, so I’ve been told. Which I’m adamant that the people who told me are liars. Sorry (not really, it’s for your own good).

As people probably guessed I had my daughter 3 weeks early because I was induced. This was due to me leaking waters , they wanted her out so there wasn’t risk of infection. 

So let’s start from there, the very beginning. On Thursday 19th of January 2017 I’d been told I was going to be induced! It was such a shock knowing that I’d be in hospital from now until she was here when I’d already planned to stay at home as long as I could have before giving birth. It was an emotional day to say the least. I was taken to one of the wards and the pessary was inserted it wasn’t at all comfortable but as soon as it was in I felt no different prior to it. Anyone who doesn’t know what a pessary is, it’s a little tablet on a string with substances on it which make your body start a slow process of labour. They say it can take up to 24 hours for contractions to start and mine did. The next day after the pessary was inserted (20th of January 2017) I started to get little contractions which just felt like really painful period pains, I thought this isn’t too bad! I was so naive. I really wish I had a lovely photo of me in hospital to show you from this time but honestly, this is the only one we took. Great aren’t we.

Anyways once the 24 hours went by they removed the pessary, with only little contractions (they didn’t feel little at the time) they told me nothing had happened to my cervix and for my partner and mother to go home. I was so disheartened but little did I know it was just around the corner. It all came as a bit of a shock for me to ring my Mother crying my heart out 2 hours later screaming to come back because I’m 3cm dilated. This is when I was told they’d now break my waters so I had to pack all of my things and move to labour ward. It was all so fast and emotionally draining that I can’t remember much of this point.

By the time I got to labour ward I was 5cm dilated. This is where the real fun began.

Labour – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 

It was around 11.30pm on the 20th of January when I was settled in the labour room, with my Mother and partner. I was shaking like a leaf to say the least. At this point the midwife and student nurse who’d be looking after me came into the room to start the process of breaking my waters. I was handed the gas and air while they did so, can I just say. What a fabulous thing that gas and air is, I wish I could have brought a ton home with me but sadly that wasn’t possible.

The whole process of breaking my waters wasn’t comfortable but with the gas and air I focused on the buzz in my head other than the sharp pointy thing that was just about to… well you get the drift. 

After breaking my waters I was then given pethidine into my leg for the pain of the contractions… some people love this drug for labour! I for one HATED IT. Although I slept for 2 hours after it, I felt as high as a kite and just wasn’t with the world at all, not to mention it slowed my contractions down to the point of no return.  At 2.30am on the 21st of January 2017 the midwives thought it to be a good idea and wake sleeping beauty out of her slumber to try and get the process going. Or I probably wouldn’t have given birth until June. 

The Hormone Drip… or how I remember it, Satan in a tube. The moment they started it I began having the worse contractions of my life. Nothing like period pains, nothing like trapped wind. It was happening and it hurt! A lot! After about 10-20 minutes I asked for an Epidural since the pain was too much, my reply was that the doctor was coming around and she’d check me over and then be given the epidural. Much to my surprise, she came in 5 minutes later and said the words “Your 10cm you have to push”. Them words will haunt me for the rest of my breathing life. But, my body knew that before I did. I naturally started pushing, with no pethidine, no epidural and no gas and air. I pushed for a total of 40 minutes, and for anyone who has given birth before, you will know that 40 minutes feels like 4 years. The whole time I screamed “I need a f***ing epidural”, “I can’t do this, get her out” oh and my partners favourite “I’m going to shit myself!!” Much to my surprise I didn’t. Thank God. But the feeling of labour is unexplainable, I’m not going to lie to all you mothers to be out there. It hurt a lot. But you’ll forget it once your little one is here. 

Hearing “I CAN SEE THE HEAD” was the best thing in the world and by God the worse. Crowning burns like a bitch. Like really burns to the point you think you’ll tear open. But luckily for me I didn’t. After that it took 3 long hard pushes until I felt her whole little body come out. All I can remember saying is “thank f**k for that” and the whole room laughing. At 4.09am on the 21st of January 2017 weighing 6lbs 10oz my Elsie-Rose Reed came into the world. It was that moment that they lifted her onto my chest, that I had suddenly forgotten the whole 4 hours prior. It’s a feeling like no other seeing the baby you were cooking for 9 months for the very first time. 

I was overwhelmed. Emotional and above all else. Drained. I’m not going to lie I felt like I could have slept for another 4 months. But she was all worth it.

My partner cut her cord and my Mother continued to cry like she had been for the past 4 hours anyways. But never the less I really couldn’t have done it without her. While I held Elsie in my arms I was then told to push again, my reaction was “what why?”

The Afterbirth. seriously why hasn’t anyone made a horror film about that yet? That shit is scary! It’s not what you want to be doing after just given birth to a small human but unfortunately you have to give birth to a huge jelly like cushion afterwards. Sucks right. But what I can say is that that didn’t hurt a bit. Why would it after what you had just gone through? Your the real life Super Woman now. Pain isn’t anything you fear from here on out…

Oh wait. Until the stitches come. They’re probably on par with the last few hours you’ve gone through. Not everyone has them, or needs them. But I did, and boy did it sting. Just listen to me when I say this and make sure you have your best friend Gas and his other friend Air in your hand while they do it. It’ll take your mind off it somewhat.

After the whole experience had finished, child birth that is. I slept. For hours, it really does take it out of you. But knowing my baby was next to me was one of the best feelings, actually scrap that. The best feeling in the world. I had forgotten what it felt like and I was just in awe. 

Until the part where I needed to pee came. Which I’ll leave for the next blog post, it’ll probably consist of The Aftermath of Childbirth. The things I really wish people told me.

I know this blog has been so long and for some mums to be probably a little scary, or a lot. But labour is an indescribable pain. It’s going to hurt of course it will your a fool not to think it. But to the extent of pain is all down to you and your body. There were people walking around in jeans who had just given birth on the ward and I was there in a nighty and a wheelchair. Some people will say I’m an over reactor. They’re probably very right.

My childbirth is one that I’ll never forget and will treasure for the rest of my life. Pain or not. Because of it I now have a little best friend who I’ll dedicate my whole life to. 

I hope you liked sharing the journey with us, and again thank you for reading and your continuos support.

I’ll put another post up soon about the Aftermath.

But for now. Baby Satan is sleeping and I should be doing the same thing.

-MLS and Me.

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