The FIRST blog post, will probably go abit like the first time you have sex after giving birth. Scary, emarassing and very painful.

First time blogger. First time Mum. Throwing my self a little in the deep end here right?

Ive always wanted to start blogging, but never knew where to start. I’ve never been one for fashion or beauty! Staying up to date with trends and knowing which eyeliner works best just isn’t one of my forte’s.

It wasn’t until my daughter Elsie-Rose came along on the 21st of January 2017 that I knew what I’d actually blog about. Since I have a lot of spare time on my hands now with Maternity and nursing baby Satan (kidding) well kind of, I decided I’d finally make a start on that blog I’d been thinking of for years.

Which finally has some kind of topic. My journey on becoming a Mum, or Mam as us Welsh say. Im new to all of it, the sleepless nights, the explosive nappies and overall all the emotions that come with being a first time Mum. So if I can only make one mother or even person laugh/smile a day, then at least that’s a better achievement than eating a whole pack of digestives while watching Jeremy Kyle?

I’ll try to keep the blog posts as happy hearted as possible, don’t take everything as literal as I say it, for instance the Title of this post. Although it will be about my life and Elsie’s, if I do feel the need to some what get quite serious then please bare with me.

I’ll try my best to do at least 2 blogs a week but if life does catch up on me then I’ll definitely post just the one. I’m probably going to blog about some things that other Mum’s will get and others will think I’m talking a third language. But hey ho. We’re all in this together.

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet since Baby Satan is stirring and some how even though it’s not my turn for night shifts, I’m the only one awake. Go figure?

So if you want your daily dose of cuteness of Elsie, or even just listening to me wine about life. Then follow my blog to see what is to come!

Go on… do it.

– MLS and Me.



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