Instagram Vs. Reality

Clue is in the Title.

For all the people who do follow me on Instagram (chloejwilliams17) then you would have already seen the 3 billion cute photos of Elsie, smiles and all. But what people don’t realise, is that nobody posts the bad stuff. For the people who constantly say to me “wow she’s so lush” or “look how quiet she is” clearly you haven’t seen her scream at 3am with poo up to her chin. Why? Because I don’t post the bad stuff. Hardly any Mother does. 

That’s not because we want to give people false hope of baby life or even “pretend” our life is perfect. We all know even though we’ve been blessed with a beautiful healthy baby, it isn’t always plain sailing. Nobody see’s the 4am feed and how you can barely hold your head up let alone a bottle. Nobody see’s the time your crying in the bath because you’ve just started to wash your hair and the baby starts crying because their dummy has fallen out. So YES! you have every right to upload all those smiley pictures you do capture. Your life may not always be perfect, but for sure your newborn is. In every way possible to you. You have the right to show off your angel baby when their not being Satan for five minutes! 

Talking about Satan, this blog is dedicated to my very own little devil child. I’d just like to share the pictures that didn’t make the cut to Instagram and the ones that did. To show everyone it isn’t always cuddles and smiles. It isn’t always easy but it’s worth it. So sit back, relax and prepare to see the difference. 

The picture that made Instagram.

And the picture that didn’t.


Like I said, nobody posts the bad parts. Who am I trying to kid? She absolutley hated her first bath and still does to this day. But why would I post the cruel crying photo when she settled for that 6 seconds that gave me a peaceful one? Not because I’m “pretending” life is perfect, but because I want to look back at all the happy times and not the sad ones on those days that nothing seems to be going right. Which is a good 3/7 days a week.

The picture that made Instagram

And the picture that didn’t.

Let’s just get one thing straight. Being a “Mummy” is NOT glamorous. Capturing that perfect moment where your makeup is done and your baby is sleeping is like finding a pearl in a oyster, very, VERY rare. So when it does come up, of course I’m going to post it. But the second picture is usually how life is, it’s the norm now not being able to open my eyes and looking like complete s**t! Your new bestfriend will be mousturiser and dry shampoo. But hey ho she’s worth every minute of it. 

I’m wondering if you’ve seen enough yet? Realised that Instagram is very different to my reality. Let’s just give you some more, to make sure you fully understand.

The picture that made Instagram.

And the picture that didn’t.


Yeap! She hates me. 

Just kidding. She does give me the biggest beaming smiles but it’s not all day long and rarely lasts longer than 45 seconds at a time, and when they do well.. God damn right I’m going to post it. 

So last but by no means least, my little angel face baby in her favourite place. The bath.

The picture that made Instagram.


Did I say favourite??? I meant her least favourite place in the entire universe.

And the picture that didn’t.

So as you can finally probably tell, Instagram can either be totally deceiving, or totally true. Nobody posts the bad stuff, not new Mums, not couples, not anybody. You publish the best parts and not the worse. Because why would you want that girl from school to know your struggling? Or for your Uncle to see how tired you look everyday. If that one perfect picture is the only thing that’s been perfect all day long. THEN DOUBLE THAT SHIT UP AND POST IT.

There are so many days where I’m close to pulling my hair out, and no not because of the baby but just life in general. To get that one picture of her absolutley beaming, it just brings me right back to earth. It makes me realise why all the sleepless nights and the house that looks like a wasteland, worth it. All the times I’ve been spewed on or the scent of baby poo attached to my clothing, ITS ALL COMPLETLEY WORTH IT. 

She is my biggest accomplishment. My bestest best friend. But that doesn’t mean every day is easy. It’s not, far from it sometimes.

So don’t feel disheartened if all your new baby does is cry and you see everybody else posting the lovely smiles. 85% of the time it’s just wind anyways. Although we’ll probably say it’s not. 

Just know your doing a great job. Know that your baby loves you more than that Tomme Tippee bottle filled with 8oz of pure liquid gold, and for heavens sake. Know that your not alone. Every other mother is probably going through whatever you may be feeling. They just don’t post it all over social media, just like you don’t.

Since Elsie has had her injections today and I’ve been writing this blog while she’s been cuddled on my chest. It’s time to put the phone down and cuddle to sleep with her after a very traumatising morning. Those injections are cruel but sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind. They’re very important in the long run of my little darling staying happy and healthy.

As always. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. I hope you’ve liked reading again.

Until the next one.

-MLS and Me.

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