To All Them Deadbeat Dads.

To all you deadbeat dad’s, may your coffee be forever cold, may your heart be forever empty and your life be forever worthless. Because you don’t deserve anything more.

This topic has always been one that I have felt so strongly about, even more so now I have a little baby of my own. Since a very young age I had no contact with my father, for reasons I won’t discuss here. But luckily for me, I gained two immensely amazing father figures as I grew up, my Step Dad and my Grandfather. 

It’s takes a strong man to accept somebody else’s child and step up to the plate somebody else left on the table.

To all you Step Dad’s, Grandfathers, Uncles, whoever you may be. If you took on somebody else’s child then I salute you. You by no means had to, but chose to anyways. That takes a lot of love and guts in itself.

I have no idea why any person on earth would leave behind someone that they created, I can only pity them for it. One of the worse excuses I have ever heard is that “I can’t raise my baby because I hate the mother” …. REALLY?!!

That’s something you should have thought about before the game changing moment of creating that beautiful little human being. 

Who can I say, has no idea why they don’t have a dad around? Will they grow up and blame themselves? Who knows? Shame on you.

But what I can say, is that because of you leaving you have left a doorway open for their mother to be their number one. The only person in this life that they can trust. The only person they will really ever love. So don’t think after 4 years or even 40 for that matter, that you can just walk back into their lives. It does not work like that. Your a stranger now, and should be treated as such.

It’s from the beginning or really not at all, because why should you be given the luxury to pick and chose when you want to be around your own flesh and blood. Why should you be able to walk around without any care in this world when your baby’s mother is struggling to buy a pack of nappies or even struggling with her own emotions because of your selfish, satanic ways. 

To the people who have grown up without a dad around (because of their choice or actions) then you will already know the feeling of rage on this subject. Which I could really talk all day on. But instead of the blog being the most negative read to date. Let’s turn it around into a positive.

The bond you and your mother share now really is or will be unbreakable. You will both rely on each other for everything, even just a pick me up conversation. You are each others lives and you don’t need any “Dad” (not that they are worthy of that title) around anyways! You will do just fine. Don’t get me wrong there may be days where you envy that one friend who has a perfect family life, but you wouldn’t change that for the world because your Mum is in fact your real life super hero.

My Real Life Superhero. Who doesn’t get enough credit for being the strong person that she is, daily.

To all you real life Superhero Mum’s. You did it on your own. What an achievement. You are so much stronger than you think, braver than you know, and beyond all else. The most selfless type of person in the human race. You are unbreakable now, and so is the bond between you and your child.

Let’s also talk about those family members or even friends of family who attempt to take on the role and do a better job than they ever would have. For instance, my Grandfather raised me better than any person could have, I shared all my milestones with him by my side. My first few steps, riding a bike for the first time, counting to 10, singing the alphabet. The list goes on. Truthfully I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. He was the most kind hearted soul to grace this earth, it’s only a heartache that Elsie will never get to meet him. 

The tattoo on his hands says it all.

He was the greatest, really.

Oh, I forgot to mention, having your Grandad as your unbiological father really does have its advantages, someone to shout at your Mum every time they shout at you. WINNER. 

To all those Stepdad’s out there. You are more of a Man then the ‘real dad’ could have ever been. That’s the truth. You deserve the biggest medal on this planet to get backchatted by a little Satan child who you didn’t biologically create.

“It takes any man to make a child, but it takes a real man to raise one” 

The world is lucky for people like you. Really, it is. To take on somebody else’s child isn’t always easy, but the moment they call you Daddy or even tell other people your their Dad. You will feel immense joy in your heart and realise it’s worth it.

My hero, Elsie’s Bampi.

So to conclude this blog id just like to reach out to all the Deadbeat Dad’s for that one last single time.

I hope this post made you regret your descions.

I hope this post made you miss your child who knows nothing about you.

I hope this post made you hate yourself, I really really do.

Because nobody, should have to grow up not knowing who their Daddy is, or why they left. Because of you that little human will forever have a thought in the back of their mind. Where are you. Who are you. But lucky for them they have a kick ass Super Hero Mum and the family of kick ass sidekicks.

This blog was fully my own opinion, and I’ll face the shots if anybody thinks otherwise. I understand different circumstances, such as a mother not allowing you to see your child and unless they have a really good reason for that then shame on them to. Nobody should have to grow up missing out on a certain parent because of a family fude.

As always, My Little Sunshine is awake when she shouldn’t be and needs some loving, I’m forever blessed for this life and I’d have nothing done differently. 

Im sure you’ll feel the same as you grow up. 

I will write again soon, thank you for sharing this journey with us. I hope this blog made you realise that you don’t need that ‘Dad’ for the perfect life, if you just look. You’ll find you already have it.

If you do like this post, please do like/follow/share. It’s always appreciated. 

-MLS and Me.

One thought on “To All Them Deadbeat Dads.

  1. M says:

    Hi I’ve just read your blog and found it truly inspiring. My daughters father left her at just 2 months old she’s nearly 1 now and he hasn’t looked back, luckily we’ve both had support from his family and they are in contact with my daughter on a Weekley basis. I really do worry for her though as she gets older and I worry that she will think it’s her fault it honestly breaks my heart. Reading this from your point of view has really helped I’m sure you still feel the pain but I love how positive you’ve stayed and it gives me hope that my daughter will stay strong as long as she has me and my family. It breaks my heart and I’m sure it breaks yours but you are exactly right, they missed out on somthing so special. Thankyou for this x


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