10 Things I’ve Learnt Since Becoming a Mother.

The aim was to get this blog up yesterday all in time for Mothers Day. Unfortunately I was in A&E with my little poorly girl instead so it couldn’t be possible. But thankfully she’s ok and a lot better this morning so I’m am able to write while she has a giggle in her bouncy chair, even if it is a day late.

I thought this post was relevant since I saw so many people post how much they love their Mum yesterday. Me being one of them. But I never fully understood motherhood until I walked into it (arse backwards)… I used to say Mothers Day is a made up day for greedy women with kids. Since I’ve had a baby I’ve realised that your mother has done and still does so many things for you, some noticed and some not. That she really does deserve one day a year dedicated to her and how great of a mother she is. I’ve learnt so much since becoming a mother myself of just how hard it can be, a day off washing bottles and changing nappies is really needed once in a while. So this leads me onto this blogs topic.

10 Things I’ve learnt since becoming a Mother.

1. You have no idea how hard it is until you become one.

Sleepless nights, loneliness, baby blues. Real life, you don’t. All them times I backchatted my mother for not letting me stay out past 9.30pm in my early teens I really do regret. All them times I threw all her love for me back in her face because I wanted the new Nintendogs and she couldn’t take me to get it. I thought she was just being selfish, but now I look back and think she wanted me in by 9.30pm because it was getting dark and she didn’t want her “baby” out past then because her anxiety levels were through the roof. She didn’t have the money/time or energy being a full time worker/single parent to take me to get Nintendogs at the click of my fingers. So thankyou Mum if your reading this. For everything. Wiping my but, kissing me when I was down and last but not least, for saying no. Now I’ve grown up I appreciate it all, and seeing how hard it is to console a crying baby I want to say sorry. I wish I could have made it easier for you. But I guess I’ll have my pay back since I have worlds spoiltest baby already.

2. You will never understand your mothers love for you until you have a child of your own.

Honestly, it’s so true when people say “you don’t know love until you have a child of your own”. It is a whole new type of love, not a partners love or a sibling/cousin love. It completley consumes you. You will go beyond your capabilities to make sure your own child is happy/healthy. I thought the film Taken was so over the top. But I can assure you if the same thing happened to me I’d build a small army and hunt that m**her f**ker down. I could lay down and watch my daughter for hours just seeing her chest rise and fall and knowing she’s alive brings so much joy to my heart. So when you second guess your mothers love because she’s having a bad day. Don’t. She loves you more than life itself, you are the only thing that matters to her in this world.

3. Babies can squirt poop as far as two metres, go figure?

Until the other day I never knew my baby could squirt poo half way across the room. It was at that moment when me, my dressing gown and half of my TV cabinet was covered in a yellow korma substance that I realised. Thank you for that Elsie-Rose. It’s days like them that makes me realise just how much I love you. Sort of.

Que disgustingly gross photo of me covered in poop and Elsie as happy as could be. 

Disgusting, right?

4. How lonely motherhood can be.

Well let’s face it? You spend most of your day having a one way conversation. You’ll find yourself walking around Asda one day talking to yourself in the fruit isle and suddenly realise, I need to get out and see more people. Do it. Go to the baby groups even if you hate socialising. It will keep you sane. Believe me. 

5. Post-natal Anxiety is very real.

I struggled with anxiety before getting pregnant. To the point of panic attacks and I was put on medication to help, once I found out I was pregnant it gave me strength to come off the tablets and stop it for myself. Which after 9 months I have not yet had another panic attack, and hope I never do. So I don’t mean that now you have a baby you will instantly find yourself passed out on the bathroom floor. But the thought process is so much different now you have a child to look after. I can’t drive over the mountain without thinking what If I crash my baby won’t have a mother anymore? Or even waking up every few minutes to check if your newborn is breathing. Maybe this one is just me. But it’s something that’s always in the back of my mind.

6. Once you have a baby you will never look the same. At least not for the first year or two.

I don’t mean in weight. I mean the fact that you will now not have the time to have that nice relaxing bath and shave your legs. You are now the real life Godzilla. You will have bags under your eyes bigger than a “BAG FOR LIFE” and to top it all off. Your hormones are all over the place which has set off the family of spots on your forehead. But hey ho their worth it. You’ll regain your beauty eventually but you’ll never get to have them first few years back.

7. How scary this world actually is.

Once you set eyes on that precious little human in your arms all of a sudden your train of thought will wonder and you’ll be left thinking how can anybody hurt a baby?


Why would anyone want to? They are so helpless and loveable. It infuriates me to the point I want to hunt down every child abuser and stab them, repeatedly. (Sorry for the violent comment but it’s true). The thought of anyone hurting my baby makes me emotionally unstable. I’ll never let anyone harm her and I wish I could stop it in the rest of the world.

8. How quick they grow.

I think I’m going to turn around one day and my baby is going to say “Mam what’s for tea?” She’s only 9 weeks old and has doubled her birth weight. I don’t know how they grow so quickly but by God I wish she’d slow down. I’m trying to treasure every moment of her being tiny because I’m sure her 1st Birthday will come around quicker than I think. 

9. How one smile can light up your entire life.

Really it’s possible. The times Elsie smiles at me really does light up my life. It makes me realise why it’s all worth it. Knowing my baby is happy makes me happy. It brings so much comfort to me knowing she loves me as much as I do her. Knowing I’ll get to watch her grow for the rest of my life completes me. 

Que photo of my darling daughter and one of her best smiles. 

Look at those chins!

10. Your new baby, is your friend for life.

People will come and go, friends, partners, family even. But there’s no denying that you already have the one person in life who you need most anyways. Your baby. Your bestfriend. I knew I loved her before I even met her, to feel something that strong is beyond anything I’d feel in this life time. To know the rest of my days will be spent by her side, whether that’s changing nappies, watching Disney films or helping her get over her first heart break. As long as I live she’ll have a best friend, as do I. 

I’m sure every mothers 10 Things will be different, but those are mine.  For now at least anyways. I’m sure some of them will change as she gets older. Such as boy troubles and what not. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey. I’m sure Elsie would be proud as punch if she knew she’s the reason behind all of this.

As always. Like/Share/Follow if you’d like for me to continue sharing our lives. 

-MLS and Me. 

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