Elsie-Rose’s Newborn Photoshoot with Rob Jones Photography

Today we picked up Elsie-Rose’s Newborn photoshoot photo’s, to my amazement they were even better than I remember. Thinking back to how small she was only 10 weeks ago breaks my heart. Once we visited the studio to collect the album and photo stick brought back just how great the day was, because of Rob Jones and his Wife, or what I called her to my friends and family “The Baby Whisperer”.

I could not recommend Rob Jones Photography enough, for capturing the tiny little details that sometimes get missed like the little wrinkles in her legs and how tinsy her feet were. I will always look back on these photos and be amazed on just how small she was when she was newborn.

I also couldn’t recommend Rob and his wife enough on how professional but friendly they were, from the moment we walked into the studio we felt at ease. We literally had to do nothing from start to finish. The moment we walked in with Elsie his wife took over and she was in fact a real life ‘Baby Whisperer’. She fed her, changed her, soothed her when she cried. Id never seen Elsie so content before. Elsie even had a little pee over Rob’s wife and she didn’t even bat an eyelid. She was more focused on Elsie and making sure she was okay.

The Studio itself was lovely and warm for our little naked baby, since there were 5 fan heaters blowing on her bare skin it was no problem being naked for her. The sound of the womb was even playing on the speakers to soothe her.

Rob was very professional throughout the photoshoot, even though we were there for all of an hour we all chatted like we had been friends for 5 years which was great. He was very patient with Elsie changing her from prop to prop. Feeding between photo’s was no problem for him which put us at ease and made us feel like we didn’t have to rush.

He was happy to show us photo’s via the camera once he had taken them, which most photographers don’t do. He’d ask if we liked them before he continued taking more. It felt like we had most of the say in the photo’s/props, he guided use in the direction of what props to pick for the best photo’s.. obviously listening to him we had the best possible outcome.


We came away from the day very pleased and even happier once we received the photo album with the photo stick. All the photo’s were very reasonable priced and I honestly don’t think you’d get better for the quality of the photo’s.

The Album itself is stunning, her name date of birth surrounded with Swarovski incrusted crystals.


I could not recommend Rob Jones Photography enough for the whole experience. Himself and his wife were amazing with Elsie from start to finish and we will definitely be going back for her 1st Birthday Cake Smash. If any mothers are stuck on where to book their newborn photoshoot’s I’d definitely recommend Rob. He does a beautiful job. Also he doesn’t just do Newborn photoshoots, but weddings and shoots of all age ranges.

Thanks once again Rob for the great experience and outcome. No doubt we will treasure the photo’s forever.

-MLS and Me.

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