Sorry, It’s me, not you.

It feels like forever since my last blog post, probably nearly a whole month. I know some people won’t care much to why I haven’t been blogging, but I’ll give you an insight anyways.

Life has thrown a stupendous amount of shit my way lately and truthfully that’s the only reason I can give you. Elsie fell ill a week or two back with a nasty chest infection and high potassium levels in her blood. It’s safe to say I was an utter mess during that time and it’s something I wish she never had to go through. Seeing my 3 month old baby with a drip in her foot being monitored hourly really had an impact on me. To the point my anxiety went through the roof and still isn’t settled 100% yet. I’m still constantly checking her breathing, temperature and making sure she’s okay through the night which is indeed draining my life away but I just want my little girl to be ok.

I’m just lucky she is a very brave little girl, she really gave me all the strength I needed during the time.

She’s still recovering but is a good 90% herself again, just a little cough left which the humidifier through the night is helping with.
On top of Elsie being ill, I really haven’t felt myself either. Before someone says “oh baby blues” it’s really not and I wish I could explain more but I don’t want to go that much into depth. If it was baby blues I’d have no shame saying it since I’m only human myself. After the last few draining weeks my body has told me to slow down by giving me a panic attack. Just after I thought I was finished with them. It was just as bad as I remembered and I hope it doesn’t happen again any time soon. I’m sure it shouldn’t since now I’m beginning to feel myself again after some help from family and friends.

Which I can’t thank enough for being there for me through all of this shit the last few weeks. I won’t say names because indeed they know who they are.

And although the last few weeks have been crappy my little munchkin still gives me a reason to smile daily, which I’m forever greatful for. She’s just turned 4 months and we’ve started to wean her since milk just isn’t satisfying her enough. It’s been a success and she loves her grub, especially carrots! 

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, it’s really just to say I’m feeling myself again and I’ll be blogging again more often.

To everyone who asked how Elsie is the last few weeks it really means a lot, I couldn’t get over how many people really do care.

So once again, sorry. It wasn’t you. It was infact me.

I’ll be back sooner than 3 weeks this time.

Thanks for all of your continuos support once again.

-MLS and ME.

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