Thank you.

Just a little post to say thank you!

Because of everyone’s continuous support, one of my favourite blog posts has made it onto 3 news websites and my local newspaper. Words can’t express just how chuffed I am.

Thank you Tyler Mears @ BBC Wales Online for choosing my blog post to write about and thinking it had some good potential ! If you haven’t already done so please feel free to go have a nose and share the article!

My post has also been shared via The Daily Mirror:

And also, The Sun:

And my local newspaper “Wales On Sunday” 

I’ve already put the article in Elsie’s memory box so we can look back and laugh at it all once she’s of age.

I can’t explain how overwhelmed by all the support it’s had, and although I’ve seen some negative comments and me being the sensitive person I am it’s taken a lot to just ignore it. But hey ho, nobody is going to rain on my parade today!

I wrote the original post “The Aftermath of birth. The parts no one really seems to talk about.”

Because I honestly knew nothing about birth let alone the aftermath of birth, probably because of my age. The fact I had no friends with babies already and I guess my family just didn’t want to tell me how gory or weird the aftermath actually was. So once I started my blog and I already wrote about my labour I thought it only to be normal to write about the aftermath also.

I’ve seen some bizarre comments saying I’ve had money for writing these blogs, which is indeed un-true. I write because I genuinely enjoy it. I write to look back and laugh some day with my little girl!

So for everyone who’s shared, liked and followed all of my posts, THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart.

I couldn’t be happier to see my posts being shared around.

Oh and before I go, here’s a cute little photo of my darling smiling wickedly. That’s been my facial expression all day. 

Thank you again.

-MLS and ME.

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