Elsie’s 4 Month Routine – Answers.

I’ve had quite a few questions about routine, feeding, weaning etc! I’m far from an expert and learning as I’m going. But it seems to work for us so I thought maybe if I wrote it all down it could work for you to?

So I thought the only way I could answer everyone’s questions is to write down Elsie’s routine.

Before I start though, a wise person once told me (Kiah Humphreys) “don’t live by your routine, it will make you ill” which is indeed true. If it happens your day is going crazy and you haven’t got time to do that bath before bed. Then don’t. Do it the morning after, I’m sure your baby would much rather you be happy and healthy than be put through a bath at 7pm anyways.

Recently Elsie has started on solids to (well purée). She used to have 8oz per bottle per feed, but now that isn’t the case.


Elsie will usually always wake at around 6am-7am, she will usually take about 6oz. She’ll then kick about, have a chat and then have one of her 3 naps of the day. 

She has 3 naps a day which is the guideline for her age, otherwise she gets majorly cranky. I mean MAJORLY. 

She’ll then have an 8oz bottle around 10am. I haven’t started to give her breakfast yet just because I want her to still be getting a lot of nutrients from her milk. After this I’ll change her ready for the day because I know from this point she won’t sleep much.

She’ll usually be up until her next feed then, this is probably her happiest time of the day. She’ll be smiling, playing, cooing and usually burns most of her energy around this time.


At 1pm she will then have her food along with about 4-5oz of milk. Yes she’s greedy… Some of her favourites are sweet potato, red pepper and her most favourite of all.

Chicken and Carrots.

When Elsie first started solids she’d have half a jar and her milk, now she polishes off the whole thing and she’s only been weaning for around 1-2 weeks. It’s safe to say that our girls a grubber.

Elsie will almost always have a nap once she’s finished her food, for about half hour. Then she’ll wake up ready to play and coo your life away.

Around 4pm Elsie has her dessert and a bottle that contains around 5-6 ounces. She’s tried a few things, but it seems she almost always has a reaction to strawberries. Which is quite common. Some of her favourites are banana’s, blackberries and apple. 

Yes, that is a vest full of berries. Its what happens when you leave a man feed a baby. 

Can I add. Anything red and orange is a NIGHTMARE to try and get out in the wash. 

Elsie will then have another nap around about 5-6pm, another half hour snooze. This is when she gets most cranky if she doesn’t have one around this time. So it’s usually a hold and cradle kind of job.


At 7pm Elsie will then have a rusk mixed with her milk so it’s a kind of paste, with about 4oz of her milk. Once she’s finished I’ll put her in the bath and have a giggle and splash. 

Once she’s out I take her to bed, give her a blow dry and change her into her PJ’s. I cwtch her up (cuddle for the non-Welsh folks), and give her the rest her bottle which will have 4oz left in it.

It usually takes around 30-45 minutes but she’ll then be sleeping by about 8pm for the night.

Usually Elsie will sleep then until 6-7am the next day. Since she’s filled her boots enough through the day. On the rare occasion she will wake around 11pm for about 4-6oz of milk and sleep through til around 8am.

Yes- I have been very lucky with my first child, and I could praise God enough for her.

That’s about it for Elsie’s routine, like I said to begin with, DON’T let routine rule you. If I’m down my mothers having a Chinese I won’t be in a rush to get back for that 7am bath, I’ll bath her the morning after – there’s no harm. I hope getting into routine helps for you and I hope me telling you mine can kind of guide you to make your own. Everybody’s is different, so ask around and see what works best for your little one.

I hope all your days have been okay, and I couldn’t send out enough love to the people of Manchester today. My whole heart breaks for the families and friends of the angels who sadly got taken away last night and this morning. It scares me raising my daughter in such a cruel world. But if you don’t keep the sparkles in your children’s eyes then the terrorists have already won.

Rest in peace beautiful souls. Sleep tight and I hope justice will come soon. Something needs to be done so we can raise our children without worry of these dreadful things.

Goodnight, all my love.

-MLS and Me.

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