Are you there?

So for any person who doesn’t have me on Facebook, then you wouldn’t know that I’ve been having some strange “ghostly” experiences.

It started when we moved into the new house, I’d be laying on the sofa and i’d hear “get up” or “oi”.

Then one day one bobble on my light fitting started to shake, bearing in mine there are about 20 bobbles on it, and only the one was swinging, vigourously. No draft, no windows open.

A few weeks ago we were standing in the kitchen both very much hungover and we both heard a little girl burst into song in the living room, I thought my sister had come through the door. But she didn’t, the front door was locked and the TV was off with the windows shut.

Safe to say I’ve felt uneasy in my own home since, until we were sat downstairs talking about all that had happened (ghost wise, or whatever you think it may be) and we heard a little hand bell ring twice in the corner of the room. Safe to say I SHIT MYSELF. The very same corner Elsie looks at whenever she sits up. 

It wasn’t until I told my mother what had happen that she reminded me my grandfather had a crystal bell that he loved, it was one of his favourite possessions and now my cousin has it as a memorial of him. So it got me thinking, am I being stupid or is he actually there?

Lastnight/Today has been a really hard time for me, to the point I can’t help feel a little broken. So I got into bed on my own next to Elsie tonight and to my complete amazement, I heard the same bell twice in the corner of my bedroom.

I know your probably thinking “girl get yo’ white ass out of there, sh*t about to go down” but I couldn’t help but feel some kind of warmth.

I’ve always believed in some kind of “heaven” and I’ve always believed in ghosts or spirits. People who aren’t done with the world completely so they hold themselves back until they are.

I also read online that having a baby helps bring spirits out because they like to be around love and affection. 

So it has me wondering, is my grandfather there? Is he showing me signs all of a sudden that he’s around watching over us and being with us when times get tough. 

It would be 3 years next month since he passed away quite suddenly and I believe he had a lot to hold on to, to stick around. He loved us all so much and it was all to sudden. So I can’t help but think he’s actually here now. As spooky or crazy as it sounds, I really do feel a presence and it’s one that isn’t frightening me anymore.

I’d love to know if it was him so if any of you know some really good spiritualists please do comment! 

Because at this moment in time I am in such a state of wonder and happiness thinking it is him I couldn’t express it through words. 

Every person in the world who knows me knows how much I wish he got to meet my little chubby nugget. He would have made her laugh so hard just like he did to me, until my belly hurt and tears fell down my face. I know he would have loved her, just like he loved us all. As heartbroken as I will always be that he never got a chance to meet her, I think he’s looking over her every single day of her breathing life. She has the best guardian angel, that’s for certain.

So anyways, if your reading this and you’ve had any ghostly experiences of your own then comment them! Or if you have any thoughts I’d love to hear them to. 

I’m going to sleep at ease tonight, knowing (or thinking) that he’s here with us.

-MLS and ME

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