Feeling like I’m doing everything wrong?

** I excuse my crappy language for today’s blog. But I need to vent to you all **

So for a good few months I’ve been thinking I’m doing just great, looking after Elsie, making her laugh and smile. I started to wean Elsie and it’s been going better than expected. Well I always expected it would go good because she’s a grubber, but she seems to be loving all the new tastes more than I expected.  But, I can’t help feeling super shitty after reading other Mummy blogs.
Which I hope NONE of you mums feel when reading mine. I don’t ever want any of you to feel that way.

I’ve been reading more and more blogs and their all about the “right” way to do things with your baby. 

The “right” amount of tummy time.

The “right” amount of veg when weaning.

The “right” amount of naps your baby should be having.

Which made me feel quite down in the dumps today. Trust me I can take criticism on the chin, but to read so many blogs with the words “your doing it wrong” I was just like.


So this is just a little reminder to all you Mums out there who feel the same. You are not doing anything WRONG. I kept on reading today and every blog made me feel worse and worse until a little lightbulb moment happened.

I am Elsie’s Mother, I know what is helping her, I know what fits our routine. What keeps my little pumpkin happy.

You parent the way YOU know how to and don’t ever think your wrong when you see other parents doing it different to you.

Every baby, child, person is different. My baby happens to be one of the greediest I know. I’m not going to starve her because Sally from Baby and Me . Shit Net, thinks they should only have 1-2 tablespoons. 

I’m sick of reading all them blogs where they basically want to parent your child for you. I PROMISE to never get like that, I only try to help or tell my own stories.

Whether your feeding your baby from a Cow and Gate jar or from your home grown veg out the garden. The baby doesn’t give a dam, aslong as he/she is getting fed what they need.

Whether you do 20 minutes of tummy time a day or 2 hours?? Who really cares???

Aslong as your baby is developing how they should be don’t listen to those blogs!!

I wish I had someone here today to tell me I was doing great, but what I later realised is that I don’t need anyone to tell me that, I am doing GREAT.

I have the most happy content baby in the universe and I’m proud to be her Mother.

I mean come on??? Sally. Shit Net. Go F**k yourself.

We will parent our babies how WE want to. How we feel happy to. As long as our babies are growing and have a big smile on their face then don’t worry what other fruit loop internet mums have to say.

Thank you for listening to me vent, because I actually really needed to air all of those or I would have ended up crying into my breakfast tomorrow morning.

Reminder: Try not to google everything, this came from me googling “why is my baby waking through the night again at 5 months?”

And then I kept reading and it lead me to “you are weaning your baby wrong” or “you shouldn’t be feeding them that much”.


She’s teething like crazy, I’ve only now started to wean her. There is so much including she is a BABY. Who am I trying to kid? Of course she’s going to have moments where she wakes through the night, for weeks or months.

The joys of motherhood ladies.

Thanks again, for hearing me babble, I hope you can relate to this.

Another Reminder: Just keep doing you. Your baby loves YOU.

-MLS and ME.

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