Our first steps in BLW

So if you don’t follow me on Instagram you may not know that today me and Elsie started our first steps in BLW.

For anyone who doesn’t know what BLW is it stands for Baby Lead Weaning. This is basically where you allow your baby to pick up their food and feed themselves. Most of this food will be finger food. By allowing your baby to explore food themselves it allows them to gain huge benefits in development.

There are also some studies that show babies who BLW become less fussy eaters and less likely to become obese infants. How much truth is in them I don’t particularly know.

If you don’t know much about it, I think it’s worth a Google. Obviously every parent chooses different paths for EVERYTHING. It just so happens that me and Elsie chose this one.

I chose it for the simple reason that she is so independent when it comes to feeding. She has been weaning on purées since 4 months. At around 5 and a half months she wanted to constantly chew so I started to give her food with more texture. She loved it. Now she’d rather pull the spoon off me and try and feed herself by throwing her hands in her mouth.

So today came and I thought this is a great time. She’s turning 6 months this week and she’s fully alert.

So I put 2 Ella’s Kitchen Wotsits and 3 Raspberries on her tray. They say not to put too many things on there at once since the baby will loose concentration.

I’m not going to lie, as she picked up her first Wotsits my heart sank and I thought but what if she chokes?

She didn’t. But she did gag, which is completley normal. Gagging is a reflex to stop choking. Where as choking the baby would be completley silent and turn red in colour. 

While she gagged I did the motion of chewing and she copied me. Oh I forgot to say, if your going to do this you have to stay by their sides. You can’t be doing the dishes the same time. Since choking is possible (I don’t mean to drag it down I’m just making you aware). 

After gagging once or twice she then began to love it. She was picking up anything she could grab and throwing it in her mouth.

Here’s a video of how excited she actually got ​

She loved the raspberries!

Since it was our first time doing it today I don’t have much to say other than the worrying wasn’t nesecarry because she was actually fine. She loved being able to feed herself.

I’m going to be sharing more of BLW journey as we go along and maybe even some of our favourite foods or recipes. Obviously Elsie still has her milk now and does have some mashe food which I feed her but give her a spoon so she can think she’s helping to.

I can’t believe a day will come where she’ll be sat Ina chair eating a ham sandwich. I know we have a while yet but it’s just crazy.

Sorry for not posting for a while to, my life got boring.

But here’s some pictures from our experience today. I hope you come back to read more of our journey and BLW.

See you guys soon.

-MLS and Me.


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