Little bit about me

First time Mum to Elsie-Rose. First time blogger. Kinda scary, huh.

I decided to start blogging since my daughter came into the world for 2 reasons, 1. Because I’ve always wanted to do it, 2. Because maternity life can become boring. It was either this or go to the gym. Now you see why I chose to blog right?

We’re learning, growing and crying all at the same time (kidding) well kind of. My blog posts will be updates on my life as a Mum and just life in general. They’ll mostly be happy hearted and hopefully they’ll make someone’s day (or no ones) that’s fine to.

If your a Mum I’m sure most of my posts will be relevant, even if your not you’ll still probably get a kick out of watching me deal with explosive nappies and morning vomit. Although not everything I post will be Mum related.

So feel free to follow my blog if you want to see what some days are really like in the life of me and my little sunshine.

Also feel free to follow my Instagram related to this blog.


-MLS and Me.